As its that time of year again, if you’re looking to take the kids sledging in or around Macclesfield, we have a few good suggestions you might like to explore!

**DISCLAIMER*** Of course we’d like to highlight the extreme dangers of hurtling down hills at speed with only a woolly hat to protect you!! So we’d like to point out the obvious to take care and make sure the kids are supervised by an adult.

There’s plenty of great places to take the kids sledging this weekend. We’ve listed some of our favourite spots over the years;

South Park – One of the most popular local spots to sledge, great for all ages as you’ll find some large open space to run around, build snowmen and gentle but fun inclines with a few steep runs for the very brave!

Macclesfield Forest – only a few minute drive from the town centre. You’ll find a number of great fields to sledge on plus great views to appreciate.

Teggs Nose  – Another popular destination in the hills with spectacular views of the Peka District and a mixture of different areas for various levels of bravery! Alternative there’s always the Teggs Nose Tea Room  if you’re more inclined to relax!

Hare Hill – Look out for the Parkland around Hare Hill where you’ll find some nice rolling hills and more gentle runs.

White Nancy, Bollington- Not for the faint hearted as you’ll find some very steep hills, the bonus is you’re also never too far away from a good Bollington pub with a roaring fire to dry off and recover!

Lyme Park– a 20 miunte drive from Macclesfield but a great sledging destination as the National Trust property is a vast area of gentle rolling hills with a number of more hairy runs depending on the snow fall.

Visit Macclesfield would love to feature some of you enjoying the snow on our website, you can send pictures to us via email or share them on Facebook at